Elephants are in danger

About 35,000 African elephants have been poached in 2014; that’s one elephant every 15 minutes. Earlier this month, four wildlife officers were killed trying to protect elephants in Garamba Nationa Park (Congo).

A total of 80,000 African elephants have been killed in the past three years. At this rate, they will soon become extinct, because it continues to far exceed the natural elephant population growth rates.

In 2013, for the first time, the number of ivory seizures made in Africa exceeded those made in Asia. Just three African countries — Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda — accounted for 80% of those seizures.

Southern Africa continues to hold the lion’s share of Africa’s elephants, holding close to 55% of the known elephants on the continent. Eastern Africa holds 28% and Central Africa 16%. In West Africa, less than 2% of the continent’s known elephants are spread over 13 countries.