Wind energy, Europe installs 4.9 GW of new capacity

Europe installed 2.9 GW of onshore wind in the first half of 2019. According to WindEurope, this is down on the 3.3 GW installed in the same period last year, because onshore installations were down due to serious issues in Germany. Germany has faced its worst first half of the year since 2000.

France is the european leader of the fist half of 2019, with the most onshore installations with 523 MW. Sweden follows with 459 MW, Germany 287, Italy 286, Ukraine 262, Turkey 229, Greece 201. About offshore, 1.9 GW of new offshore wind was installed in the first half of the year, up from the 1.1 GW added in the same period in 2018: UK (931 MW), Denmark (374 MW), Belgium (370 MW) and Germany (252 MW). This includes Hornsea 1 in the UK which, when completed, will be the world’s largest wind farm with 1.2 GW.

The combined installations of new onshore and offshore wind capacity is up on the sema periodo last year (4.5 GW). In the first half of 2019 Europe invested €8.8bn in the construction of future wind farms, €6.4bn in onshore wind and €2.4bn in offshore wind. These investments will result in 5.9 GW being installed and grid connected over the next two to three years. France and the Netherlands led investments.